--3.20 Disaster Relief in CSDP context

--3.20 Disaster Relief in CSDP context

Desсription: The course is designed for personnel with civilian (diplomatic/consular, police, judicial, intelligence of humanitarian NGOs' staff) and military backgrounds, having expertise and operational experience in civil protection, disaster relief and/or humanitarian assistance. The course is open to participants from Third Countries, with a focus on the participation of experts from the Eastern Partnership countries. The experts from the CSDP Missions and Operations or those from EU Member States, relevant EU institutions and agencies and the EU Delegations that can be deployed in Fact Finding Missions in disaster stricken areas as teams of EEAS/EUMS or DG ECHO, are encouraged to attend.


Dates: Jul - Jul                                      


POCs: COL (OF-5) COL (OF-5) Dimitar Dimitrov dimitar.dimitrov@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24703
          CIV Siyana Mircheva siyana.mircheva@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24733

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