Internship stipend

As of 2021, and with a view to joining global efforts at respecting youth rights and ensuring fair treatment, the CMDR COE offers 6 (six) paid internships per year in two intakes. Interns are entitled to a monthly stipend of 350 EURO, consistent with their daily attendance reflected in a monthly Attendance List. The stipend is exempted from taxation and is payable at the last working day of each month. The monthly stipend may be paid by bank transfer or in cash, in EURO or in BGN. Interns would need to indicate their preferred option and respectively provide necessary details.


In case of earlier termination of an internship, interns will be paid a proportional part of the monthly stipend, corresponding to the actual working days served.  


The CMDR COE may consider spontaneous applications, which however, shall not be eligible for a stipend. 

All costs related to travel, insurance, and accommodation must be borne by the intern. The CMDR COE may provide practical information related to accommodation upon request.


Interns will be individually responsible for carrying out all administrative formalities requested by the Bulgarian Authorities concerning their legal status (legal residence in the Republic of Bulgaria) and Visa arrangements. The CMDR COE will assist the interns by providing them with all the necessary information and with a letter certifying their selection for the CMDR COE Internship Programme.

The CMDR COE is not responsible for losses/accidents or any other misfortune befalling the intern during the internship period and bears no responsibility for the medical insurance of the intern or for costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship. Applicants for internship must show proof of a valid medical insurance coverage.

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