Internship Programme

The CMDR COE works towards enabling an inclusive, transformative and capable crisis management and disaster response. The role of young professionals in achieving the afore-mentioned is critical as they possess the energy, capacity and determination to contribute to efforts aimed at ensuring a collaborative collective approach to peace and security. To anticipate the future requires preparing for tomorrow’s challenges today. Doing so invariably involves tapping into the vast potential young people carry by providing them with opportunities for personal and professional advancement while benefiting from their skills and competences.


The aim of the CMDR COE’s Internship Programme is to:  

  1. Provide bright and motivated young professionals with the opportunity of joining a team of experts in an international environment and get a better understanding of CMDR COE core business in the field of crisis management and disaster response;
  2. Allow the CMDR COE benefit from the insights and invaluable knowledge young people have and can apply in performing their practical work assignments and in completing an assigned research project;
  3. Increase visibility of and general awareness on the nature, functional and operational mechanisms of the CMDR COE.




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