Interdependence and interconnectedness in the era of globalisation and technological advancement make the internal-external distinction for security threats hard to discern. While close attention is to be paid to fragile states and war-torn societies, where underlying closely intertwined political, economic, social, ethnic, and religious grievances provide a breeding ground for conflict, violence, crime, health and an endangered environmental balance warrant a closer look likewise.

As a hub of subject-matter expertise on crisis management and disaster response (CMDR), the CMDR COE places utmost importance on contributing to forward looking and anticipatory planning and decision-making premised on a sound understanding of what constitutes a crisis or a disaster and thereby, what should potential management actions entail.

Crises and disasters share an apparent commonality manifesting in that they challenge the functioning of a given system while testing overall resilience and preparedness. Furthermore, their intricacy call for collaborative management approaches. Likewise, the outcome of disasters, much like this of crises, might also carry a creative potential for constructive change and improvement. Therefore, change and adaptation could become constitutive elements of disruption, with anticipatory capacity playing a significant role in damage control. Cooperation and standardisation serve as a foundation for response and mobilisation of resources.


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