Security and Status

Interns are not CMDR COE Staff members and hence, shall not benefit from any privileges and immunities resulting from NATO SOFA and from the Paris Protocol. Interns shall not, despite in special circumstances and upon explicit authorisation by the CMDR COE Director, represent the CMDR COE in any official capacity.


Possessing a Personal Security Clearance (PSC) is neither a prerequisite nor a general requirement for applying for the CMDR COE’s Internship Programme or for being selected. Exceptions, however, may arise, and such shall be clearly specified in a calling notice, where security vetting is required due to the specificities of a project. In such case, successful candidates are to themselves take all necessary steps for initiating all relevant and respective national administrative procedures for obtaining a PSC.

Interns will receive an initial Security Briefing and will be required to respect all rules, directives and directions, codes of conduct, and relevant national regulations during their internship at the CMDR COE. Interns shall be, accordingly, held to the same standards, policies and procedures as regular Staff members, and shall bear all resulting responsibility for their demeanour during and after completing their internship.


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