Open-door Policy

Open-door Policy

Joining the international family of the CMDR COE means being part of a team of highly skilful and motivated experts sparing on effort in supporting NATO’s transformation through improving interoperability and strengthening cooperation in the crisis management and disaster response domain.


In achieving the afore-mentioned, the Centre works in close cooperation and continuously interacts with other relevant organisations, the industry and the academia. For one of the most effective and efficient ways of improving interoperability is in exchanging knowledge and sharing lessons-learned – an enabling environment which the CMDR COE, with the diverse background of its staff members, and as varied partnerships, is undoubtedly providing. Furthermore, advancing the personal and professional skills of the staff members is a priority for the CMDR COE. Courses, seminars and conferences organised and hosted by the Centre are available, free of charge, for participation to all personnel.   


The Centre’s governing body – the Steering Committee, comprising the Sponsoring and Framework Nations, decides on the organisation and prioritisation of the CMDR COE’s activities via the Centre’s foundational document – the annual Programme of Work.  


Further information on position allocation procedure and structural organisation can be found in the CMDR COE MOU. 

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