Living and working in Sofia

Founded seven thousand years ago, Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, today - a dynamic European capital with a vibrant city and cultural environment. 


It combines the comfort of a modern city with the abundance of rich historical heritage site. Located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, Sofia allows for a quick escape to the mountainous resort. Linked by international routes with the capitals of Europe, and through Istanbul, with the Middle East, today Sofia is a modern European city with many institutional and commercial spots, dynamic entertaining attractions and cultural life. 


The variety of traditional and foreign cuisine opportunities is a delight for even the most sophisticated palate. Sofia accommodates both the preference of a calm and more dynamic city life.


It also accommodates Bulgaria’s biggest student community with the variety of educational institutions on its territory. More than (both private, semi-private, and state-owned) 23 universities, 21 colleges, 172 secondary schools, 242 kindergartens and nursery schools, including such in which the instruction is conducted entirely in English, German and/or French languages, add further to the cheerful spirit of the city. Notwithstanding, higher education here provides opportunities for participation in a number of exchange programmes, sponsored by the European Union and other organisations.





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