--3.19 Mobile Education Training (MTT)

--3.19 Mobile Education Training (MTT)

Desсription: Mobile Education Training is a course or seminar conducted by a CMDR COE  training team at an offsite location upon a specific request of a governmental or eligible organization. Mobile Education Training Teams (METTs) are designed to provide customers with an established resident CMDR COE course at their location. METTs are typically more cost effective for an organization where there is a large group requiring training, thereby saving travel and per diem costs. METTs are supplementary to resident CMDR COE courses and are arranged to meet the specific needs of a requesting organisation.

Dates:  Jan - Dec


POCs: COL (OF-5) Dimitar Dimitrov dimitar.dimitrov@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24703

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