-- 1.10 Collaborative Resilience (CoRe) Concep

-- 1.10 Collaborative Resilience (CoRe) Concep

Desсription: CoRe aims to recognize, assess and quantify (inter) dependencies between the three sector (MIL, CIV, PRV) and understand how they influence, are supported and/or disrupted from strategic shocks involving Civilian capabilities, infrastructure and assets. Main lines of efforts are the following: • develop a common lexicon and conceptual framework • Develop a comprehensive model/methodology to identify needs, critical shortfalls and enabling factors for a generic collective defence scenario • Contribute to the development of CEPC advice for Nations to prioritize efforts and investments in critical capacities, infrastructure, services and assets that directly enable and sustain Military operations in a collective Defence scenario with a theatre-wide approach. 


Dates: 30 June






POCs: CIV Gergana VAKLINOVAgergana.vaklinova@cmdrcoe.orgOffice: +359 2 92 24741
           CIV Svilena DAROVAsvilena.darova@cmdrcoe.orgOffice: +359 2 92 24742


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