-- 3.23 Lessons Learned Staff Officers Course (SWEDINT)

-- 3.23 Lessons Learned Staff Officers Course (SWEDINT)

Desсription: Prepare LL Staff Officers to manage and execute an organizational LL process using NATO LL-related processes, training, tools and information sharing in order to develop a LL capability. This course will also impart knowledge of organizational learning, observation collection, basic analysis techniques as well as endorsing, resourcing, tasking and implementing Lessons Identified.

Dates:  Jan / Dec






POCs:  COL (OF-5) Dimitar Dimitrov dimitar.dimitrov@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24738 


COL (OF-5) Dariusz Dobron dariusz.dobron@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24704

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