-- 3.22 Human Rights & Conflict Transformation Training

-- 3.22 Human Rights & Conflict Transformation Training

Desсription: Human rights and conflict transformation are instrumental for achieving sustainable peace and development. Despite wide recognition that the fields of human rights, peacebuilding and development work in and on similar contexts, they are often perceived as distinct disciplines. This training seeks to go beyond this divide and aims at exploring how human rights and conflict transformation offer different types of insights to similar contexts, and exploring how they can complement one another both practically and conceptually. It also recognizes that certain challenges and dilemmas arise when linking human rights and conflict transformation, and considers strategies for addressing these.

Dates:  22 May / 24 May






POCs:  LTC Anastasios Vasileiou anastasios.vasileiou@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24725


CIV Gergana Vaklinova gergana.Vaklinova@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24726

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