-- 3.21 Gender, Conflict & Peacebuilding Course

-- 3.21 Gender, Conflict & Peacebuilding Course

Desсription: This course examines the relationship between gender, violent conflict, and peacebuilding. Participants will consider how war and militarism are highly gendered phenomena that impact men and women differently, and relatedly, how peacebuilding processes account for gendered dynamics. Throughout the course, participants will consider questions such as: how do gender stereotypes influence the way that we think about war and peace? What is the relationship between masculinity, militarism, and violence? etc. Ultimately, participants will gain an understanding of the gendered dimensions of violent conflict and peacebuilding, as well as evaluate the respective policy frameworks that address these complexities.


Dates:  5 Apr / 6 Apr






POCs:  CIV Gergana Vaklinova gergana.Vaklinova@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24726


CIV Boris Guenov boris.guenov@cmdrcoe.org Office: +359 2 92 24736

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