40. 2015 COE POW WSs

40. 2015 COE POW WSs

Description: Coordination of the 2015 COE POWs. Review of the initial inputs to 2016 COE POWs and final inputs on the second meeting.

The 2015 COE POW WS 1 intends to bring together representatives from NATO HQ, SHAPE and its subordinate commands, HQ SACT and its subordinate commands and from all COEs. The aim is to promote early engagement of the participants in the 2016 COE POW development cycle. The meeting will also allow COEs to explain their capabilities to NATO Commands and better understand the requirements of the NATO Commands.


Dates: 3 - 5 Mar / 23-25 June 2015


Location: SHAPE, Mons, BEL / Norfolk, USA


Participants: CMDR COE – 2

1. Project: Lessons Learned Process

Support to JALLC in conducting JALLC analysis reports. Conduct Analysis Reports in their area of expertise.

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