38. N1-38, “NATO Security Course”

38. N1-38, “NATO Security Course”

Description: To train NATO and national security personnel, who will be appointed to NATO security positions or to work with NATO security organizations on all aspects of Physical Security, Personnel security, Security of Information, INFOSEC, Industrial Security, Force Protection and familiarize them with the NATO Security Policy, especially with "Intelligence and Information Sharing with NNEs" and Security Awareness (currently Information sharing with Non-NATO entities is the most unclear issue due to lack of all supporting documents)

The course is offered twice per year (the second is started on 23 Nov 2015)


Dates: 30 Mar-3 Apr 2015


Location: NS Oberammergau


Participants: CMDR COE – 1

1. Project: Lessons Learned Process

Support to JALLC in conducting JALLC analysis reports. Conduct Analysis Reports in their area of expertise.

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