- - 34.14. NATO COE Workshop

- - 34.14. NATO COE Workshop

Description: The purpose of the COE WS is to facilitate discussion between the requesters and COEs in order to finalize the NATO inputs to the 2015 COE POWs. The finalized inputs will be included in the centres' 2015 POWs as NATO Requests for Support (RFS)


Dates: WS1 - 3-5 Mar 2015, SHAPE, Mons, BEL

   WS2 - 23-25 Jun 2015, Norfolk, VA, USA


Location: TBD


Participants: CMDR COE – 2

1. Project: Lessons Learned Process

Support to JALLC in conducting JALLC analysis reports. Conduct Analysis Reports in their area of expertise.

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