27. Climat Change Workshop

27. Climat Change Workshop

Description: Two-day workshop focused on topics related to on-going research on climate change in the US and Bulgaria, hydrological modelling, available geospatial tools for visualizing climate change, socio-cultural aspects of water security and implications of climate change on military activities. The researchers from US and Bulgaria had the opportunity to present their work and to share experience with other scientists working in the same field. The interesting discussions during each session touched upon important issues like sharing data between researchers in different countries, cooperation between research institutes and governmental organisations, the application of hydrological and meteorological research for the planning of disaster prevention activities and many other.


Dates: 31 mar - 1 Apr 2015


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria


Participants: Open for NATO & Partner Nations; Up to 30

1. Project: Lessons Learned Process

Support to JALLC in conducting JALLC analysis reports. Conduct Analysis Reports in their area of expertise.

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