19. NATO’s Approach to Space (MCM 0108-212)

19. NATO’s Approach to Space (MCM 0108-212)

Description: Develop a report to:

(1) Define space data & services required to support CMDR operations and dependencies on such capabilities to accomplish a NATO-led mission.

(2) Identify coordination required to obtain space data & services in a NATO-led mission. Is it accomplished through national C2 and/or NATO C2 structure/processes?

(3) How could/does CMDR benefit from space data & services?

(4) Analyse TTPs to determine how CMDR would conduct operations if space data & services were lost and/or unavailable for an indeterminate period of time? Do redundant capabilities exist for back-up procedures should such a situation occur and what are the potential impacts to mission success?


Dates: Complete Q4 2015


Location: TBD


Participants: CMDR COE – 2

1. Project: Lessons Learned Process

Support to JALLC in conducting JALLC analysis reports. Conduct Analysis Reports in their area of expertise.

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