The CMDR COE has a long-standing commitment to supporting NATO’s efforts at building resilience, particularly with regard to the operationalisation of the concept for the purposes of improving existing and developing required new capabilities. The Centre provided subject-matter experts to and also co-organised one of the workshops in the development process for the ACT-led Collaborative Resilience Concept (CoRe Concept). Later on the CMDR COE joined forces with the CCOE (The Hague) on developing resilence-related curriculum and in December 2019 piloted (in Sofia) the first Resilience through Civil Preparedness (RtCP) course. The latter provides senior military and civilian experts with knowledge on and supports an increased strategic awareness of the civil environment, which to better inform NATO Operations Planning Process (OPP).

Research and analysis on resilience particularly in relation to military activities continues and with a view to combining resilience with all other thematic directions within the CMDR COE portfolio. 



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Kiryakova, Bozhidara (2022): The Significance of Risk Communication for Achieving Societal Resilience through Civil Preparedness. 22-42. CMDR COE. Available HERE


Vaklinova, Gergana (2019): Tracing Resilience – A Context of Uncertainty, A Trajectory of Motion. CMDR COE Annual Proceedings. 5-38. CMDR COE. Available HERE


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