The Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course concludes

The Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course concludes

Date: (30-09-2016)

The CMDR COE organized and conducted the first five-day iteration of Crisis Response Operations Planners Professional Development Course from 26 to 30 September 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The event aimed at providing comprehensive knowledge related to NATO Crisis Management, functioning of NATO Crisis Response System with emphasis on NATO Crisis Response Planning at operational level.


The Course audience represented a balanced mixture of multinational military and civilian experts from very diverse fields of expertise, representing NATO HQ, NATO Joint Warfare Centrе, Multinational Joint Headquarters Ulm, Canadian Department of National Defence, Bulgarian Ministry of Defence, Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior.


Such diversity contributed to the extremely lively, productive and thought-provoking group works, cherished by the attendees.


The assigned learning objectives were fully covered, backing the achievement of the course aim, which was proved by a 20% increase in the initial and the outgoing tests results comparison.


Registration for CMDR COE’s next course - Strategic Decision Making for Crisis Response Operations Course - is now open.


Solidifying partnership

The CMDR COE Director and the NCGM Commandant reaffirm commitment to cooperation 

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Expert Workshop on Gender Perspectives

The CMDR COE successfully concluded an Expert Workshop on Gender Perspectives

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MSG-187 Workshop

Space Weather Environmental Modeling

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CMDR COE Extends Crucial Assistance to Jordan′s National Exercise

CMDR COE Collaborates with Jordan in Evaluating Earthquake Preparedness.

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Multinational Crisis Management Course

A course for the Jordanian Public Security Directorate

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Collaboration with an university

Agreement with the University of National and World Economy (UNWE).

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CMDR COE in Sofia Ekiden (Relay) Marathon

Celebrating Bulgarian National holiday

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A distinguished visit

Delegation from Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

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Cognitive Warfare

Course, 10-13 July 2023

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Building Integrity in CMDR

Course together with the Defence Academy of the UK

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Practice of crisis management procedures

A training session took place on June 7, 2023, at the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs...

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Future cooperation between the CMDR COE and the GATE Institute

On Tuesday 6th of June 2023, the Director of Big Data for Smart Society Institute (GATE), Prof. Silvia Ilieva...

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Four days of insightful deliberations and exchange among future Gender Focal Points

That’s a wrap for the first 2023 iteration of the Gender Focal Point course!

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The role of Crisis Diplomacy course

Aiming the complex nature of modern crises

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Cooperation with the Baltic Defence College

What is NATO′s crisis management process? How are strategic decisions made?...

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Autumn 2022 Internship Programme was successfully completed

The CMDR COE Internship Research Paper presentation took place today, April 20th, 2023...

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Football match between the Military Attaché Corps in Bulgaria and the CMDR COE

A friendly football match between a team consisting of CMDR COE representatives and...

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CMDR COE turns 8

Celebrating the anniversary of formal accreditation – on March 31

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NATO Lessons Learned Spring Week

Conference 28-30 March 2023

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