Building Resilient Forces: Enhancing Crisis Management Skills at BALTDEFCOL

Building Resilient Forces: Enhancing Crisis Management Skills at BALTDEFCOL

Date: (15-03-2024)

As part of the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2023-2024, the Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) delivered a comprehensive 4-day METT training at the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL). The course, attended by 75 students representing 14 countries, delved into critical topics ranging from Crisis Management in NATO to the implications of Climate Change on Military Operations.


Throughout the training, participants engaged actively, showcasing a keen interest in the multifaceted aspects of crisis management. Their enthusiasm was profound, evident in the multitude of questions posed and the meticulous reports generated during practical tasks.


Covering a spectrum of subjects, including Disaster Risk Reduction, Military Contribution to Disaster Response and Humanitarian Assistance, and Resilience, the course aimed to equip military personnel with the necessary tools to navigate complex crises effectively.


Hands-on sessions focused on Risk Management, Resilience, and Disaster Management provided invaluable practical experience, fostering a deeper understanding of real-world challenges and solutions.


The culmination of the course was marked by a Wargaming utilizing Simulation Systems. This exercise vividly illustrated the outcomes of various courses of action chosen by different syndicates, offering valuable insights into strategic decision-making processes in crisis scenarios.


The success of the training underscores the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in building resilient forces capable of addressing the evolving challenges of the modern world. With METT training serving as a cornerstone, BALTDEFCOL and its international partners are dignified to enhance military preparedness and crisis response capabilities across the globe.




Advancing NATO′s Resilience: Uniting Expertise for Strategic Migration Management

Insights from the MSG-221 Initiative: Integrating Science, Security, and Society for Enhanced Crisis Response

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In support to CCOE

Resilience through Civil Preparedness Course by Civil-Military Cooperation COE

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Exercise in Moldova

Coherent Resilience 2024 Moldova (CORE-24 M)

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General Lavigne formal visit

CMDR COE welcomed the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

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Visit of representatives from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Distinguished visit from the Slovenian MFA was paid on the 6th March.

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Participation in the Bulgaria-Japan-Western Balkans Workshop

A two-day session Workshop on Improving disaster risk management understanding was held on 29th and 29th February 2024.

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Research Papers on focus

Internship term Sep 2023 - Feb 2024

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Official Appointment of CMDR COE as Department Head for the NATO Business Continuity Management

At ceremony on 20 FEB 2024, during the Annual Discipline Forum in Mons, Belgium, the official certificate of Department Head was presented to the CMDR COE Director, Colonel Orlin Nikolov.

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CMDR COE in the Industrial Day at Tech Park

Participation in a high-level conference at Tech Park Sofia

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Broader Initiative to Fortify Resilience

Resilience workshop focused on Public Private Partnership

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Navigating Resilience: A Journey through CMDR COE Internship with Ms. Tsveti Monova

Exploring the Interplay of Strategic Communications and Resilience in the Military Context

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Strategic Collaboration and Future Synergies: A Diplomatic Dialogue at CMDR COE

Exploring Partnerships for Crisis Management and Disaster Response between Denmark and the Republic of Bulgaria.

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Participation in I/ITSEC 2023

CMDR COE delivered an article on the subject “Refugee Flow Management and Resilience Implications”

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Kick-off meeting for MSG-221 Project

MSG – 221: M&S in Support of Building Resilience and Management of People Mass Movement 

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Annual CMDR COE Academic Advisory Board and Steering Committee meetings

From 24 to 26 October 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria was conducted the 4th CMDR COE AAB and the 11th CMDR COE SC meetings.

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That’s a wrap for 2023!

Successful completion of the NATO-approved Gender Focal Point Course online iteration

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Solidifying partnership

The CMDR COE Director and the NCGM Commandant reaffirm commitment to cooperation 

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Expert Workshop on Gender Perspectives

The CMDR COE successfully concluded an Expert Workshop on Gender Perspectives

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MSG-187 Workshop

Space Weather Environmental Modeling

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