Our Centre in the 2019 COE Marketplace

Our Centre in the 2019 COE Marketplace

Date: (18-07-2019)

The 2019 COE Marketplace was held on 15 and 16 July 2017 in NATO HQ, Brussels. The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excelence (CMDR COE) participated in this event, with the presence of the Director, Colonel Nikolov, Deputy Director Colonel Palaiologos and Capabilities Branch Chief, Colonel Milanov.


They presented the achievements and ambitions of the Centre to the Military Committee, International Staff (IS) and International Military Staff (IMS). The aim of the annual COE Marketplace is to provide broad presentation of the COEs in order their expertise to become more recognizable among all staff and personnel at NATO HQ. It is unique chance to bring together specialists with expertise and experience that benefit the Alliance.


The CMDR COE took opportunity to promote the activities and products offered by the Centre in the field of crisis management and disaster response. During this promotional event, the Center informed the visitors about its training capabilities and activities, via published materials and brochures for educational curriculum for 2019.


Colonel Nikolov, CMDR COE Director was invited in a session organized by the MC in order to familiarize other participants in the forum with the mission, tasks, objectives and future development plans of the CMDR COE in support of the Alliance.




Participation in I/ITSEC 2023

CMDR COE delivered an article on the subject “Refugee Flow Management and Resilience Implications”

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Kick-off meeting for MSG-221 Project

MSG – 221: M&S in Support of Building Resilience and Management of People Mass Movement 

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Annual CMDR COE Academic Advisory Board and Steering Committee meetings

From 24 to 26 October 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria was conducted the 4th CMDR COE AAB and the 11th CMDR COE SC meetings.

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That’s a wrap for 2023!

Successful completion of the NATO-approved Gender Focal Point Course online iteration

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Solidifying partnership

The CMDR COE Director and the NCGM Commandant reaffirm commitment to cooperation 

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Expert Workshop on Gender Perspectives

The CMDR COE successfully concluded an Expert Workshop on Gender Perspectives

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MSG-187 Workshop

Space Weather Environmental Modeling

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CMDR COE Extends Crucial Assistance to Jordan′s National Exercise

CMDR COE Collaborates with Jordan in Evaluating Earthquake Preparedness.

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Multinational Crisis Management Course

A course for the Jordanian Public Security Directorate

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Collaboration with an university

Agreement with the University of National and World Economy (UNWE).

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CMDR COE in Sofia Ekiden (Relay) Marathon

Celebrating Bulgarian National holiday

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A distinguished visit

Delegation from Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

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Practice of crisis management procedures

A training session took place on June 7, 2023, at the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs...

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Future cooperation between the CMDR COE and the GATE Institute

On Tuesday 6th of June 2023, the Director of Big Data for Smart Society Institute (GATE), Prof. Silvia Ilieva...

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Four days of insightful deliberations and exchange among future Gender Focal Points

That’s a wrap for the first 2023 iteration of the Gender Focal Point course!

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The role of Crisis Diplomacy course

Aiming the complex nature of modern crises

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