Call for Papers - 7th CMDR COE Annual Conference

Call for Papers - 7th CMDR COE Annual Conference

Date: (20-03-2019)

The Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence (CMDR COE) is pleased to announce that the 7th Annual Conference “Interagency Interaction in Crisis Management and Disaster Response” will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the period 5 – 6 June 2019.


The purpose of the CMDR COE Annual Conferences is to promote ideas in a way that will advance the common understanding as well as gain points of view that might not have been otherwise considered. The interagency interaction is a core task that requires common efforts and advanced knowledge to collaborate the skills of many actors – governmental, non-governmental, regional, local etc. The Conference is a goodwill venue for all those who work in and around crisis management and disaster response, from the civilian and military communities that wish to share opinion and experience, learn from, and to meet with interlocutors from around the world. Since its foundation the main objectives of the CMDR COE 2019 Annual Conference have remain the same:

  • To spread the knowledge concerning Lessons Identified/Lessons Learned in disasters relief and humanitarian assistance, consequence management and the ways of mitigation the effects of the natural and manmade calamities;
  • To make contacts in order to exchange ideas among the members of the crisis management community of interest;
  • To bring opportunities for the researchers from different countries to present their work and share experience with other scientists working in the same field;
  • To share data and facilitate cooperation between research institutes and governmental organizations.

The Conference is open to all NATO Nations and Partners, governmental, non-governmental and international organizations and industry.

The 2019 Conference will include 3 panels (click on the link for more information):


     I.  Collaborative Interaction – Implication on Security 

    II.  Implication of Global Changes on Security

   III.  Building Resilience to Crisis and Disaster – Nexus  


The working language will be English and interpretation services to and from other languages will not be provided. No limitation for participants by nation, no security clearance is required (non-classified information will be shared).


If you are interested in speaking or delivering a lecture, please contact the Director of the CMDR COE 2019 Annual Conference, Colonel Plamen Milanov on 00359 2 92 24721; 00359 88 849 9197 or e-mail:


All presented materials during the 2019 Conference will be published in the CMDR COE Proceedings (ISSN 2367-766X) afterwards. Articles will be published after a peer review by the Editorial team of CMDR COE. The peer review procedure is carried out only if the materials are relevant to the topics of the Conference’s panels.


Key criteria for evaluating the quality of the articles are:

  • Importance of the issue, treated by the author;
  • Scientific level and mastery of the issues.

Papers must not exceed 20 standard pages (font Arial, 12 pt; 25000 characters with tables and images). Citation shall be done in accordance with the Harvard System of Referencing. Texts should contain an excerpt in English (up to 200 words) and keywords (no more than 10). In addition: enclosure name, email, institutional address and brief Curriculum Vitae of the author (academic degree, position, monographs, important papers, scientific interests, etc.) in English.


Note your desire to have your product publicised in the CMDR COE 2019 Annual Proceeding.


Materials shall be sent as e-mail attachment to: or office@cmdrcoe. org.

Submission Abstracts: NLT April 30th, 2019.

Deadline for receiving full presentations for the Conference: May 31st, 2019.


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